A Hasty Debut Into the Release of Hankerings Salad Dressings

Phew! We have passed tests, completed paperwork, set and met deadlines, and we’re almost, almost there.

At three months in, we’ve firmed up our plans to produce and sell salad dressings beginning next year. Starting at local famer’s markets in DC and radiating out to stores and local food-based events in the Rockbridge County area in Virginia, where my parents live. We’re planning to sell online and in retail.

Without going into too much detail, the inaugural line of dressings will likely showcase what we’re calling five “creamies” (mayonnaise-based dressings) and one vinaigrette. The sole vinaigrette earns its one-that’s-not-like-the-rest label because it will be fruit-based.

Although sweet anything doesn’t fall into the Hankerings brand, we decided on something a bit more approachable (and healthy, I guess) for the non-mayo folks out there that’s still so damn good, you won’t be able to put it down!

The mayonnaise-based dressings will each spotlight one ingredient – one spicy, one bacon-y, one with blue cheese, one all about garlic, and one a little out of left field (pizza-related). The southern-inspired vinaigrette features peaches and honey.

There’s a lot of work that went into getting to where we are now. But I feel excited waking up week after week to watch it all happen. The names of the dressings will be released, and shortly after, you will be able them to purchase them through our site!

I wish you could feel the excitement we’re feeling through your screen. So don’t forget to stop by and see the latest and greatest in salad dressings coming straight from the Hankerings kitchen! 😊

To be continued!

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